Sorry, BlackBerry: 91% of Smartphone Buyers Chose iOS or Android in the Last 3 Months

While the battle continues between Apple and Google with their iOS and Android mobile operating systems respectively, the two platforms are quite the force when combined. The latest research from Nielsen shows that 91% of American consumers who purchased a smartphone over the last three months chose an iOS- or Android-powered handset.

During the same time period, Research in Motion held just a 5% stake in the smartphone operating system share with its BlackBerry devices, while the remaining four percent of users purchased a smartphone based on another operating system such as Microsoft’s Windows Phone or Nokia’s phased out Symbian platform.

Android still retains its lead on the smartphone market with a 48% share, trailed by iOS at 32%, RIM’s BlackBerry at 12%, and the 8% share held by other mobile operating systems. Android does benefit from its wide variety of devices offered by numerous handset makers, while the iPhone is the only smartphone that runs iOS.

Additionally, the growth of smartphone adoption in general is quite tremendous. As of February 2012, 50 percent of mobile subscribers in the United States owned a smartphone, while feature phones held onto the other 50 percent of the market. Feature phones have been on the decline since October 2010, when they accounted for 71% of the mobile phone market.

[Nielsen via AllThingsD]

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