iPhone 4G leaked – again.

Vietnamese forum Taoviet has gotten hold of  another leaked iPhone prototype, this a slightly updated model. It was reported to have been bought by a vietnamese businessman, who got hold of it in the US.

On the outside, the newer model is much the same, but with no visible screws, and a finer print on the back. The device has escaped Apple’s remote kill (for now!), running what looks to be a diagnostic mode called “Inferno”.

The forum apparently had a large gallery of  images, but seems down at the moment, though Vietnamese news site Tinhte has posted a hands-on YouTube video.

More Photos after the jump!

The back, showing apparently clearer printing, and 16GB in place of XXGB

The back, showing apparently clearer printing, and "16GB" in place of "XXGB"

Bottom View, showing no screws.
Bottom view, showing no screws.
Torn down, showing Apples A4 processor.
Torn down, sporting what looks to be Apple’s A4 processor.
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