Security Firm Cracks iPhone Passcode in Just 2 Minutes

Your iPhone’s four-digit passcode might prevent your family and friends from using your device, but law enforcement officials can bypass the security feature in just a few minutes. Stockholm, Sweden-based security firm Micro Systemation, which sells the necessary tools to legal and military officials for cracking devices, posted a video about how the process works last week…

Using an application called XRY, the security firm is able to “quickly crack an iOS or Android phone’s passcode, dump its data to a PC, decrypt it, and display information like the user’s GPS location, files, call logs, contacts, messages, [and] even a log of its keystrokes.” Micro Systemation’s marketing director notes that his company works closely with several American and British police departments, the FBI, and the U.S. military.

Micro Systemation is very similar to the jailbreak community, as the company has nearly 75 employees dedicated to uncovering software exploits in iOS. When a vulnerability is discovered, the company can then bypass the iPhone’s security restrictions and run its code on the handset. The XRY software uses “brute force” as its method of cracking the device’s passcode, meaning that the application goes through every different four-digit combination possible for passcodes. When a passcode is longer than four-digits, however, sometimes the process can take longer and is not worth it.


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