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Rewind is a biweekly feature that looks back on the top news, themes, and forum activity over the last two weeks. This week’s banner was submitted by user Baggy Spandex. Thank you.

Top News Stories

‘Spirit’ jailbreak released

Comex has released the highly anticipated Spirit jailbreak following a short delay. Spirit allows you to jailbreak any model or generation of the iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad that is running Firmware 3.1.2, 3.1.3, or 3.2. Spirit is the first publicly released jailbreak for the iPad and the first untethered jailbreak for the 3G iPod touch. Spirit is free for both Mac OS X and Windows PC.

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Apple announces release date and pricing for iPad internationally

Apple has announced release dates and pricing for the iPad in its international countries. iPad will be released on May 28th in Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Spain, and Switzerland. Pre-orders for iPad began on May 10th in each of these nine countries. Residents of Austria, Belgium, Hong Kong, Ireland, Luxembourg, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand or Singapore will have to wait until this upcoming July. The international release of iPad was pushed back by one month following the overwhelming success of iPad in the United States.

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iPhone 4G leaked, again

Vietnamese forum Taoviet has gotten hold of another leaked iPhone 4G prototype. It was reportedly purchased by a Vietnamese businessman in the United States for $4000 USD. This prototype is slightly updated in comparison to the prototype unveiled by Gizmodo a few weeks ago. The two screws found on the bottom of the device are gone. It’s also labeled as a 16GB model unlike the previous prototype which was labeled as “XXGB”. Unfortunately, iPhone OS is not functioning and is replaced by a diagnostic mode called Inferno.

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User Spotlight:

b-mac 39

Reason: For providing a great deal of help to new users following the release of the Spirit Jailbreak. This includes his Spirit How-To thread. Congratulations, you deserve it!

User Interviews:

Want to be featured in an upcoming User Interview? Fill out the User Questionnaire! Or, send your question suggestions in a Private Message to Kiks52.

With MrDodi

First Name: Dominik
Age: 20
Gender: Male
Where are you from?: Cologne, Germany
When did you join the forums?: 02-02-2009
Why did you join the forums?: Getting Information about the iPod Touch
How often do you visit the forums?: Everyday
Favorite App Store application?: 8-Bit Rebellion LinkinPark
Do you own an iPod touch or iPhone?: iPhone 3GS / iPhone 3G & iPod Touch 2G
Favorite Rewind column?: User-Spotlight
Least favorite Rewind column?: User-Spotlight
List 5 things that are near you: iPhone – MacBook Pro – xBox360 – Beer – Screwdriver
As you type this, what browser, operating system, and computer are you using?: Windows 7 x64 – Firefox
What is your browser’s homepage?:
Favorite Song: Almost Easy from Avenged Sevenfold
Favorite Movie?: Silent Hill
Favorite Food?: Curry (Extra Hot!)
Favorite Restaurant?: Pizza Hut
Favorite Fast Food Chain?: McDonalds
Favorite Sport?: Basketball
Favorite Instrument?: My Schecter Synyster Custom :)
Do you purchase songs from the iTunes Store?: Sometimes.
Summer Vacation or Winter Vacation?: Summer

With Appman

Forum Username: Appman
First Name: Zack
Age & Gender: 15 Male
What country are you from?: USA
When did you join the forums?: 07-09-09
Why did you join the forums?: I followed the site daily for a few months and really liked it, so I joined.
How often do you visit the forums?: Daily
Favorite App Store application?: It changes weekly :P , right now it’s Textie.
Do you own an iPod touch or iPhone?: iPod Touch 3g 32gb
Favorite Rewind column?: Definitely the themes.
Least favorite Rewind column?: Question of the Week
List 5 things that are near you: iPod, phone, my dog, siblings, bedroom window
As you type this, what browser, operating system, and computer are you using?: Google Chrome, Windows Vista, Dell Dimension desktop computer.
What is your browser’s homepage?: Google
Favorite Song?: Journey-Don’t Stop Believing
Favorite Music Genre?: Almost anything, except country.
Favorite Movie?: At the moment it’s Iron Man
Favorite Food?: Spaghetti
Favorite Restaurant?: Olive Garden
Favorite Fast Food Chain?: Taco Bell
Favorite Sport?: Football
Favorite Instrument?: Electric Bass Guitar
Do you purchase songs from the iTunes Store?: Yes
Summer Vacation or Winter Vacation?: Summer vacation
Do you like fruit?: Yes

Thread Spotlight:

The following users have written interesting, helpful, informative, or community minded threads that are deserving of this week’s Thread Spotlight:

Spirit Jailbreak: How-To
Posted by b-mac 39
9 May 2010

Jailbroken iPad connected to External Hard Drive
Posted by studangerous
10 May 2010

What’s in the “pipeline”?
Posted by Kiks52
14 May 2010

The Solid Gold iPad
Posted by Appman
15 May 2010

Recent and Upcoming Theme Releases:

Zune HD Ultimate

Type: Beta Release
Designed by: Appman and daconcerror
Description/Features: Have you ever liked the simplistic look of the Zune HD, but love the OS on the iPhone? Now you can experience the fast and dependible iPhone or iPod Touch with the look of the Zune HD. It’s simplistic, yet powerful. This theme’s goal is to replicate the Zune HD and we are trying our hardest to. This is the most complete Zune theme out there and we hope you enjoy.

  • Closely resembles the simplistic look of the Zune HD
  • Easy Setup
  • Themed applications such as iPod / Music, Weather, and Notes
  • Much, much more

Kiks52′s Opinion: All I can say is that this was well worth the wait!

  • “Awesome!” – Theodosius
  • “This is EPIC” – Nizam1205
  • “I have it all set up. Looks absolutely pimpadelic. — deadlyvirus

Wii Touch

Type: Release
Designed by: CiTY OF THA SURP

  • 27 Icons with additional Icon Packs
  • Safari Skin
  • UISounds
  • Lock Screen theme

Kiks52′s Opinion: Wii Touch brings Nintendo to your iPod touch more than any emulator can! This theme looks its best if the Categories application is used.

  • “Nicely Done!” — Manic Nimrod
  • “Looks like an epic success” – KCooper
  • “Amazing!!!!” — Cl8ers


Type: Release
Designed by: eZie

  • Resembles the Zune HD user interface
  • Icon Tutorials

Kiks52′s Opinion: It looks nice, but as other users state, it takes too long to setup. Closely resembles the Zune HD Ultimate theme.

  • “Looks ok, but I wouldn’t use it.” – Aiwa
  • “Its too convoluted. The background has too much going on … but it’s nice and neat looking. — User Name
  • “*cough* *cough* Zune HD Ultimate *cough*” — deadlyvirus
  • “Great theme. Beware, takes years to set up.” — SpoonIsTooBig


Type: Beta Release
Designed by: maxxdout
: Finally got to releasing this theme. It was collecting dust in the back of my hard drive and I thought I’d finish it and release it, so here it is!

  • Includes instructions, picture guides, and theme folders.
  • Two versions included: iBuntu with SpringJumps AND iBuntu with SpringJumps and Categories.

Kiks52′s Opinion: I am very much liking the drop-down menus of this theme. Very sleek and professional looking.

  • “Very cool.” — Fo Sho
  • “Wow, great work ;-) — enqx
  • “YES! Been waiting for this theme for a long time now. DL’ing now.” — Ex-Touch

Photo Booth:

The following picture was taken out of the Photo Of The Day thread. There are many other great pictures in the thread. Check it out. To view full-size images: Right Click > View Image.

Posted by solidness

Juke Box:

Each week, one song that Multi-Touch Fans users are listening to are put into the spotlight. What are you listening to now?

She Let Me Down

By: Illmillion

About the Song: A single released by Illmillion, an underground emerging hip hop/rap artist from Hillsboro, United States. Illmillion first gained popularity through his MySpace page and has been featured in other songs with artists such as Traphik, Lil Crazed, and Trixx.

What other users are listening to this week…

  • KCooper is listening to No More Tears by Ozzy Osbourne
  • awal is listening to Heavy by Collective Soul
  • Tkf1 is listening to Smells Like Teen Spirit by Nirvana
  • shashanknegi is listening to Toxicity by System Of A Down
  • murphmanny is listening to No Apologies by Eminem
  • Kiks52 is listening to It Ends Tonight by The All-American Rejects

On A Side Note:

Question of the Week (along with it’s results) as well as the Comment of the Week have been removed due to lack of interest.

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