A Few Apple References Found Within Pixar Films

In the most entertaining bit of news today, Matt Brian of The Next Web reports that many Disney Pixar films have references to Apple deep within them. (If you didn’t already know, Steve Jobs purchased Pixar from Lucasfilm in 1986 and became the CEO until Disney acquired the animation studio in 2006.) One of the most noticed references was that of the Apple iPod headphones in Toy Story 3. Also in this third edition to the heart-touching story of toys that come alive is an Apple Mac with Safari open on the screen – this is the scene where Woody is mapping out a route to Sunnyside. Keep reading for the other references.


Next up is the original Cars, Pixar’s story of Lightning McQueen and companions. At 7:01, you can find an Apple branded number 84 race car on the tracks. In addition to this, Monster’s Inc. includes a rather comical reference to Apple’s “Think Different” campaign slogan from 1984 (pictured above). However, instead of using Apple’s slogan, they modified it a bit for the theme of the film.

As you can see, Steve Jobs definitely left a small mark of Apple on some of Pixar’s finest films and there are probably more out there yet to be found, so keep looking and let us know if you find something fun!

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