MOG Releases iPad App

Unlimited music streaming service MOG has released an iPad app today featuring over 14 million songs available for either streaming or download right on your tablet. With the free edition of this service, you can stream an unlimited number of songs for as long as you want — the catch is that there will be advertisements during streaming and you can’t download any songs to your device, so you may be better off upgrading to a paid plan if you need these features. In the paid plans, $4.99 per month will buy you unlimited streaming and no advertisements, while $9.99 per month will give you unlimited downloads on any mobile device — be it an iPhone/iPad, Android device, or BlackBerry. More information after the break.

You may be wondering by now, how is MOG so different from Spotify or Rdio? Well, for one thing, Spotify does not currently offer an iPad app, meaning that you’re not going to be able to stream any of your music to your tablet. For another thing, the audio quality is 320 kbps, not less than 256 kbps like Rdio or Pandora. If you’re an audiophile like me, then MOG seems much more appealing with the beautiful sound quality that it offers. If not, then I’d recommend searching the libraries of each service to find out which one contains most of the content you are seeking to play.

MOG is one of the services that Facebook supports for music sharing, meaning that whatever you listen to with it will be instantly published to your Facebook Timeline, which is nice for certain social folks out there who like to let their friends know what they’re listening to. Other than that, MOG has beautiful high-resolution artwork for your new iPad that looks a lot better than that of Rdio. The interface as a whole isn’t all that beautiful, but you may like it. It actually reminds me of the Windows Phone and Windows 8 Metro UI somewhat. Check out the screenshots below and tell us what you think of MOG for iPad in the comments!

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