iMore: LTE iPhone Arriving in Fall 2012 with 3.5-Inch Display

According to iMore‘s sources, Apple’s next-generation iPhone — supposedly the “iPhone 5,” but possibly just the “iPhone” after Apple started naming their tablet the “new iPad” — will include a display that is nearly the same size as the current model, the capability of communicating with 4G LTE networks, utilize a new “micro dock” connector, and release this fall in October. Read on for additional details.

This report contradicts the previous claims of a new 4-inch display that would attempt to match competitors in the smartphone industry in that iMore’s sources believe the new device will not be larger than the current one, which is good. They do not specify the exact display size, but instead say that it will be very close to the current one.

As for the 4G LTE radio, it has been obvious that Apple eventually intends to add this to their iOS smartphone sometime in the near future since their latest device refresh — that of the iPad — included it. Lastly, even though the October release date does sound somewhat strange considering that there have been multiple reports of a WWDC launch in June, it would not be arbitrary if Apple were to release the device then since they did the same with the existing iPhone 4S.

Apple’s latest iPhone includes a dual-core processor, HSPA+ communication technology for faster data speeds on AT&T’s network — please take note that this is not “4G” as the carrier claims, but rather a significantly faster 3G capable of download speeds up to 14.4 Mbps. The other highly-mentioned feature of the iPhone 4S is Siri, a personal assistant that can perform many basic tasks, from finding restaurants to searching Google.

You may remember that iMore‘s “sources who have been reliable in the past” were also responsible for the chief reports of a quad-core processor and LTE in the new iPad. Sadly, the former did not come true in the end as the sources seem to have gotten “processor” confused with “graphics processor,” or “GPU” if you will. However, the blog’s sources had pinpointed the launch date of the tablet perfectly and also confirmed the Retina display for the new device that eventually made its debut at the event as well.


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