Android on iPhone 3G

Although not yet released to the public, Planetbeing (site, twitter) has gotten Android OS running on the Apple’s iPhone 3G. Posted via PCWorld, Planetbeing confirms and proves that he has Android OS on an iPhone 3G. While ‘slightly more rough’ than Android on the original iPhone, this build shows how much potential the entire project has.

Google's Android OS now running on the iPhone 3G.

Considering it has been only three weeks since Planetbeing showed Android on the iPhone 2G, this news is excellent for anyone looking to use Android. The project is moving forward, and isn’t showing any signs of stopping. The only big thing that isn’t working on the iPhone 3G is the audio, but Planetbeing says that

Next up is audio support–we’ve already laid the groundwork for audio support on the 3G and gotten it working in our homemade bootloader, so support for audio in Linux/Android will be coming in a few days.

So even that problem will be fixed in the very near future. Along with sound fixes, the WiFi driver now works more reliably, and better power management is coming, in the form of better optimization, and the screen dimming.

Ultimately, David Wang hopes for his project to

…soon be able to carry around your first-generation iPhone or iPhone 3G running Android and use it just as normally as you would any other Android phone.

[PCWorld, YouTube Video]

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