Retina Graphics in Mountain Lion Hint at Pixel Dense Macs

Ars Technica has discovered more high resolution graphics sneaking around in Mountain Lion, hinting that Apple plans to create Retina display Macs in the not-so-distant future. Last year, HiDPI settings were found buried within System Preferences, so the addition of HD graphics support the growing rumors. 

Apple may be getting far ahead of themselves, but a 2048×1536 iPad seemed just as unlikely a year ago as a Retina MacBook does today. Keep in mind that while Retina displays have a extremely high number of pixels per inch, users generally hold a phone or tablet much closer to their face than a laptop, so Apple can safely get away with a less dense screen. The iPhone has a PPI of 326 and the iPad 264, so a MacBook would only need above 240 pixels per inch to be considered a true ‘Retina’ display. The cost of such a display may make it infeasible for the time being, but Apple does have an impressive amount of pull with their suppliers.

[Ars Technica]

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