RIM’s BlackBerry is Outsold by the iPhone on its Own Turf

It is well-documented that Waterloo-based BlackBerry maker Research in Motion has struggled greatly over the past several months, but its BlackBerry has long been a favorite among its native Canadian consumers. According to the latest data from research firm IDC (via AllThingsD), however, it appears that Apple’s iPhone outsold the BlackBerry last year in Canada for the first time ever… 

The research shows that Apple shipped 2.85 million iPhones last year, while RIM lost its home-country advantage by shipping just 2.08 million BlackBerry handsets. Furthermore, Canadian sales of the BlackBerry fell 23-percent in the last quarter alone to further dent the struggling Canadian company. Nevertheless, RIM has some hope in emerging regions such as the Middle East and Africa, where BlackBerry sales are nearly 3-to-1 over the iPhone.

[Bloomberg via AllThingsD]

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