Consumer Reports: First Impressions of the New Apple TV

Consumer Reports is still performing comprehensive tests on the new Apple TV box, but has provided some preliminary thoughts and first impressions about the portable media player. According to its report, the third-generation Apple TV is “pretty on the inside” with an internal power supply, LED light power indicator, and built-in 802.11a/b/g/n Wi-Fi for connecting to wireless networks.

Consumer Reports also praises the new, colorful menu that is easier to navigate for movies, TV shows, music, and so forth, while touting AirPlay for its ability to wirelessly stream content, including 1080p movies, from the iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad to your HDTV…

Additionally, the preliminary report — as expected — compliments the new 1080p video playback support that the new Apple TV has, noting that “the quality of Apple’s H.264 video should satisfy all but the most finicky viewers.” On the downside, however, Consumer Reports was disappointed that the new Apple TV did not gain Siri control, lacks any legacy video connections for older TVs,  fails to have any SD card slots or USB ports for expanding its memory, and has less content from third-party services than its competitors.

Furthermore, the report suggested that Apple’s handheld remote was too small for use. Consumer Reports does encourage people to update to the latest Apple TV, including owners of the second-generation model, but cautions that less Apple-centric users should consider alternatives such as Roku and D-Link’s Boxee Box.

[Consumer Reports via 9to5Mac]

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