Zynga Buys Creators of ‘Draw Something’ for $200 Million

According to AllThingsD, Zynga has bought OMGPOP, the creators of the hugely popular iOS game ‘Draw Something‘. The game became an instant success after it was released on the App Store last month, and has already topped over 25 million users. For those of you who haven’t been keeping up with the Top 25, Draw Something is a Pictionary-like game where users work together to guess each other’s doodles. The purchase may seem hasty, considering the short lifespan of the company, but Zynga is very well known for cashing in on the current trends.

With mammoth companies like EA and Zynga taking over the App Store, some users aren’t fond of indy developers selling out, but $200 million is an offer that’s hard to refuse—especially when there is a high risk of the competition simply copying your idea. 15% of the cash will be used for employee retention, so we hope to see the OMGPOP talent shine through at Zynga.


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