Square Off: Macintosh vs. Hackintosh

Every Tuesday, iFans picks two controversial brands, products, or other topics to debate about in the weekly “Square Off” column. This week, we’re pitting Apple’s official Mac family of desktops and notebooks against the Hackintosh, a PC clone running Mac OS X. Square Off Archives

Although there are several legal ways to run Windows on Mac, such as by using Parallels or VMware, the same can’t be said about running OS X on PC machines. Apple only licenses its OS X operating system for use on its own Mac hardware, including the MacBook and iMac, and does not offer any official support for other — often Windows-based — PCs.

And that’s why there is the Hackintosh, which Urban Dictionary describes as “a PC-clone that has had its operating system replaced with OS-X, making it effectively a cheaper, upgradeable Mac able to interface with most PC peripherals.” These PC computers, manufactured by HP, Dell, and other OEMs, commonly use projects such as OSx86 to transform into copycat Macs. But, which is better? Macintosh or Hackintosh? We’re talking about the performance, price, legality, time requirements, and everything else under the kitchen sink. Sound off in the comments, but remember to be respectable and open-minded in your responses.

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