Orientation Lock + Widgets in OS 4?

So check this out: 9to5mac.com has managed to download the Beta 3 of iPhone 4.0 (very speedy internet connection… mine’s only at half way!) and they’ve found this.

If you flick to the furthest left on the multitask bar, you’re greeted with these new features.

A static iPod icon (the orange one) for quick access to your iPod app if it’s not already in your standard dock.

Music controls. Play/Pause, Next, Previous – You won’t even have to launch into the iPod app to control the basics anymore.

And finally, a button which looks to be Orientation Lock. The icon is identical to the one which appears when you flick the lock switch on the iPad, and it does the same job here – if you rotate, the screen doesn’t! Finally can check emails in bed without having to lie awkwardly!

But what does this mean for potential future widgets? Could this be customisable and maybe we could add icons which control “Power Off” or “Close all open apps”? I’m thinking SBSettings here!

What do you guys think? More images after the jump.

Rotation Lock on Status Bar

Rotation Lock on Status Bar

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