Legal Loop: ITC Ruling Confirms Motorola Hasn’t Violated Apple’s Patents

The latest ruling in the legal battle between Apple and Motorola comes from the ITC, which has ruled that Motorola does not violate any of Apple’s patents in its Droid series of devices. The patents in question related to “multi-point touchscreen technology,” an “object-oriented system locator system,” and an “ellipse fitting for multi-touch surfaces.”

This ruling affirms the decision made by the ITC in a preliminary hearing last January, and signals the end of just one of several ongoing cases between Apple Inc. and Motorola Mobility. According to FOSS Patents, Apple can still appeal the decision to the Federal Circuit and is likely to do so. The Federal Circuit has the ability to overturn a number of different ITC rulings, but that would take a considerable amount of time.

[FOSS Patents via TUAW]

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