iOS Hackers Discover Three Jailbreak Exploits for New iPad

Today’s third-generation iPad jailbreak news is actually larger than it was thought to be earlier. That’s because the new iPad wasn’t just jailbroken, but the iPhone Dev-Team and other iOS hackers have been able to uncover three, not one, jailbreak exploits in the new device, meaning that there are far more ways to jailbreak the new iPad than previously imagined…

Update #1: It turns out that all three of the jailbreak methods mentioned above have had great success today!  We’re off to a good start (but remember there’s still lots of work to do)!

This really is a record for the jailbreaking community, as there have never been three exploits discovered on the very first day of a device’s launch. What all this means for you as an end-user is that you’ll have a far better chance of being able to keep the jailbreak on your device for a bit longer than normal since the developers can use one exploit at a time, providing Apple doesn’t also discover them — this would mean patching and the start of yet another search.

[iPhone Dev-Team]

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