Legal Loop: AT&T Settles with Customer in $850 Lawsuit

A few weeks ago, an angry AT&T customer sued the mobile carrier for $850 in a Small Claims Court and won his case. Matthew Spaccarelli is an AT&T customer with an unlimited data plan, and became upset when he noticed his data speeds had decreased dramatically due to AT&T intentionally throttling his connection. Spaccarelli believed that was a violation of his contract with AT&T, which entitles him to use as much data as he pleases…

According to the LA Times, AT&T spokesman John Britton has now confirmed that the settlement of unknown terms — but likely $850 — has been paid out to Spaccarelli. AT&T changed its throttling policy on March 1st to set a 3GB data cap that will generally affect the top five percent of data-heavy users based on all of its unlimited data customers.

[LA Times]

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