New iPad’s Screen Examined Under a Microscope

Graphical designer Lukas Mathis at Ignore The Code has placed the new iPad under a microscope to reveal just how astonishing the tablet’s high-resolution Retina display truly is. Compared with a microscopic picture of the iPad 2 screen at the same magnification, it is easy to distinguish the new iPad’s quadruple pixel count over its predecessor as marketed by Apple at the iPad media event in San Francisco last week.

Mathis notes that, although Apple claims that the new iPad display has virtually no space between pixels, rows of pixels still remain quite apart from each other. To see just how advanced Apple’s new displays are compared to the company’s older products and those sold by competitors, check out the comparison shots of the original iPod touch, iPhone 4S, BlackBerry PlayBook, Kindle Fire and numerous others just ahead…

[Ignore The Code]

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