Samsung to Compete Harder in 2012 with the Aid of Patents

During an annual shareholders meeting today in Seoul, South Korea today, Samsung’s CEO Choi Gee Sung stated that the tech giant will continue to work on releasing competitive products, while also focusing on being more aggressive in securing patents to protect itself against rivals such as Apple. Sung believes that 2012 will be a low-growth period for the tech industry, meaning that these actions are absolutely necessary for the South Korean electronics conglomerate to succeed this year… 

The heated rivalry between Samsung and Apple has not only been evident in the courtroom, but in the public eye as well. Samsung has recently been airing controversial TV ads that essentially mock Apple consumers who wait in line for the next big product launch — like these people. Samsung also ran a newspaper advertisement that referred to the Galaxy Tab 10.1 as “the tablet Apple tried to stop” after the iPhone maker’s permanent injunction was lifted on the device in Australia.

Samsung also noted that it has received approval from shareholders to spinoff its LCD TV display division after a global slowdown in TV sales over the past year. Sung noted that Samsung is considering merging the LCD business, which had operating losses of 750 billion won ($666 million US) in 2011, with its more thriving OLED TV screen sector.


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