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Almost 3 years ago, Electronic Arts published the first installment of Mass Effect for the iOS platform. It was devastating to quickly find that, although it did help players in the main console game, it was 2D and really didn’t live up as well as it should have. BioWare, the developers behind Mass Effect, came back in the year 2012 to release the first, proper, 3D version of Mass Effect that users didn’t even know they fathomed for. This game does deliver well in the gameplay, but the replay can be a bit crippled.  Read on for the full review…


Now, this third person shooter is extremely tactical and does offer players a good amount of stealth and skill to go about and beat the game. It offers gamers and casual players alike a good challenging experience; although it is targeted at gamers since it allows them to up their game in Mass Effect 3 by playing, and beating this game. Regardless, Infiltrator itself is enough to be a full-fledged, mobile game.

Outside the main weapons supplied, players are also allowed to upgrade vital parts of their character.

BioWare offers players plenty of options in this mobile game from weapon choices, all the way up to upgrades. A cover system that doesn’t seem entirely like cheating is also implemented well into the game. The challenge comes together well to create a pleasant environment for the experienced and the novice alike. Many other special aspects to the game are well implemented like cloaking which, like the name suggests, lets you cloak yourself from enemies.

Cloaking can be useful if you need to get from A to B without being seen… Or shot at!

One thing I’m sure many Mass Effect players wish they had, however, is the options that players were given in game. These options allowed them to change the course of the story, and choose a side of good and evil at times. Although they are still sparingly present in game, they don’t occur as much as they do in the console versions.

Dual joysticks and buttons look really bad compared to the similar control scheme that is included with Mass Effect: Infiltrator. BioWare takes great advantage of the swipes and gestures that a touchscreen allows. The cover system is a perfect example of this where you can simply swipe to run to the next cover area. Swipes are also used to choose weapons. There is only one button and that is the cloak button.

The cover system is a great example of the swipe gestures that BioWare chose to use for the control scheme. I hope it carries to other games as well.

From fun action-packed gameplay, to natural controlling, Mass Effect comes in its 3D form to prove that it can stand tall on iOS. Is it better than the real thing? Absolutely not, but it is better than a vast amount of shooters available for iOS.

Gameplay: ★★★★★


Going from 2D to 3D is never an easy task, luckily for BioWare, they already had experience with that. The visuals are Mass Effect: Infiltrator are just magnificently glorious. Details and textures come out to really allow users to see exactly what everything is. There is a great clarity in the objects that make them seem unreal. Fog and distance effects are also well implemented as well. The graphics are really just crisp, clear, and breath-taking.

The graphical depth perception, detailing, and clarity are really great overall.

Upon running the game for the first time on my iPod, I noticed one thing; the game was buttery smooth. This surprised me a lot since I can normally tell that 3D games struggled a little on my iPod normally despite it being a jailbroken 4th generation. The animations are clear, and framerates really high as well.

A decent slow-mo effect happens when you kill an enemy.

BioWare comes to prove that iOS games can not only look wonderful, but also be stable at the same time. The game really just runs beautifully on my iPod, and I couldn’t be more pleased with the graphics.

Graphics: ★★★★★


“Use headphones for best experience,” this is the statement that is placed in front of the user right before they start playing. BioWare was not joking about this, I suggest you use some decent headphones when playing this as the game experience becomes that much better. No, you don’t need 600 dollar headphones, but your iPod headphones won’t do justice. The menus offer players a daunting, mysterious soundtrack. After that, however, the action comes into play as the sound effects go away and players won’t miss the music. Shockwaves for every quick kill, bullets, steps, everything can be heard. Voiceovers are beautifully implemented into the game as well.

Audio: ★★★★★


This is where things take a dip away from perfect. BioWare really wanted this game to be used as a way to get better gear in Mass Effect 3, which is made clear in the help screen. They offer virtually no replay beyond that: no multiplayer, no leaderboards; not even local scores are present. There are scores you get for your combat skills; however, upgrades to your character only go so far. Once you beat the game, the deed is essentially done and there really is no reason to play the game anymore outside of just playing it for the fun of it. However, if you do play Mass Effect 3, you may want to keep playing.

The main reason that BioWare has players playing this game is for upgrades in Mass Effect 3.

Replay: ★★★★


BioWare, despite having the replay targeted at Mass Effect 3 players still offers users a thrilling game that is sure to please causal, along with serious, gamers. The controls and actual gameplay are fun and action-packed while the graphics are smooth and lively. The audio comes together to create an immersive gaming environment that I rarely ever see on iOS. BioWare did do a nice job on this 7 dollar game. I still want more replay though.

Value: ★★★★½

Final Thoughts

After first being disappointed at seeing Mass Effect Galaxy as a 2D game, I’m glad that BioWare really took their time with this game as it offers players everything a good third-person shooter should have. The action packed gameplay, even the slight depth is nice to have, but the graphics and audio tie it well together to create a really fun, straightforward game.

Overall Score



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