Some New Apple TV Units Scheduled to Arrive Today

Despite Apple’s request that carriers hold the new Apple TV to deliver it on March 16th, some customers are reporting that their device is already on the FedEx or UPS truck for delivery today. Quite a few readers from MacRumors have been posting that their Apple TV has a  ”On FedEx vehicle for delivery” status when tracking their package through FedEx’s website. This means that, so long as they are at the address when the truck comes by, they should be getting the TV one day early…

The new Apple TV supports full-HD (1080p) video playback; this content was added to iTunes on March 7th and was an additional 1-2 GB download. Previously, 720p was iTunes’ definition of HD, though Blu-Ray has always outdone it with the true-HD experience. Just yesterday, Ars Technica reported that even though this new compression Apple is using on their iTunes video content does work well to keep the file size down, it is still not quite on par with a Blu-Ray disk in certain areas.


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