Legal Loop: Samsung’s Attempt to Ban iPhone, iPad in Netherlands Thrown Out

For the past year, Apple and Samsung have been involved in a heated rivalry as both companies attempt to secure the top spot in the smartphone industry. The litigation between the two tech giants began last April, when Apple sued Samsung based on claims that the South Korean electronics conglomerate blatantly copied technologies used by the iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Since then, it has been a back-and-forth legal battle between the two corporations. And today, it continues…

The latest legal battle between the two rivals favors Apple, as Reuters has learned that a Dutch court on Wednesday rejected Samsung’s bid to have the iPhone and iPad banned from sale in the Netherlands for infringing upon its 3G patents. The court determined that Samsung cannot assert their 3G patents against Apple products that are powered by Qualcomm chips due to the firm’s licensing agreement in the United States. The decision reportedly does favor Samsung to a certain degree, however, as it can still enforce their 3G patents against devices that use Intel chips. Samsung remains confident that it can pursue the protection of its patents in this case moving forward.

“(The) ruling by the Hague court provides Samsung with a legal basis to move forward with the protection of our patent rights,” the South Korean firm said in a statement.


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