Apple Shares Rise Nearly 4%, Soar Toward the $600 Mark

Apple shares hit the $400 mark, then surpassed $500, and are now closing in on the $600 plateau. It must be nice to be an Apple shareholder right now, as Apple’s stock keeps rising at an incredible pace and doesn’t appear to be slowing down whatsoever.

As of market close on Wednesday, Apple’s shares were trading for a whopping $589.58 each, which is almost $22 dollars more than yesterday’s closing price. Although iFans does not provide any official financial advice, it would be reasonable to assume that the upcoming launch of the new iPad is surely contributing to the success of Apple’s stock… 

This morning’s report from Fortune about Morgan Stanley analyst Katy Huberty raising her AAPL price projections from $515 to $720, while suggesting that shares could peak at near $1000, could also be helping drive up the price of Apple stock. It looks like Steve Wozniak’s prediction of Apple shares hitting $1000 wasn’t so crazy after all. The only guy who seems crazy at this point is the analyst who called for Apple’s stocks to plummet because of Android and its new Ice Cream Sandwich version.

[via Fortune]

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