Rumor: 15-inch MacBook Air Likely, Could Kill the Pro

During this week’s CU Exposed show, ElectricPig spoke with a Mac accessory maker who claims that Apple is “likely” to launch a 15-inch model of their MacBook Air notebook in April. This source claimed that the new notebook would “effectively [kill] the [MacBook] Pro for the average consumer,” meaning that the end may be nigh for Apple’s most powerful Mac notebook computer. Additionally, the source believes that Apple will still keep their MacBook Pro line for only the most high-end 17-inch model and leave the 13-inch and 15-inch ones to a new MacBook Air line…

Apple’s move to instant-on computers like the MacBook Air has been imminent ever since they introduced a refresh of this model last year. While there have been far too many rumors of the Cupertino-based corporation refreshing the MacBook Air this year, nearly all of them have not proved to be true.

You may also know that the MacBook Air does not include an optical drive, meaning that Apple may be preparing to completely remove these from all of their portable computers very soon. It’s been obvious that Apple has had this in their plans for Macs ever since they put such emphasis on their new Air models that sported extremely fast solid state drives and it’s really only a matter of time until they completely remove all optical drives and go with a much thinner notebook.

[ElectricPig via AppleInsider]

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