The Future of AIM Doesn’t Look Very Promising

Remember when AOL dominated the online landscape, offering free CD trial disks for dial-up Internet at nearly every store you could imagine? Yeah, those days are long over. According to the New York Times, AOL has informed over 40 of its employees that they will be out of a job before the calendar turns to April. A majority of these employees were primarily tasked with working on AOL Instant Messenger (AIM) at the company’s West Coast offices in the United States.

It appears that the AIM group now consists of merely support staff, which means that the instant messaging service now lacks any developers or other back-end workers to keep it updated and secure. I personally use the all-in-one chat client Adium for Mac, which includes my AIM account, so it will be sad if the service comes to an end after so many years. GTalk has emerged as my new standard for instant messaging, however, so I should be able to manage. Plus, don’t forget about Facebook, Twitter, and the new Messages for Mac.

[New York Times]

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