Tweetbot Gets Retina Support on iPad, Live Stream, and More

Tapbots has updated their iOS Twitter client Tweetbot to version 2.1 on iPad and iPhone. This new revision brings a good deal of feature additions and also fixes some irritating bugs that prevent certain features from functioning properly. To start with, they have beautiful new Retina graphics that are meant to make the client display perfectly on your new iPad that should be arriving this Friday, providing you placed your order prior to last Friday.

Another great feature in this version is the highly-requested live stream that Twitter has recently added to the API. It automatically refreshes your timeline to display the most current tweets using Twitter’s new realtime push technology, providing that you’re communicating using a WiFi network and not 3G/4G LTE. The feature works extremely well and closely resembles what how the official Twitter for Mac client functions. This means that if any tweets are deleted, they will disappear immediately; the same goes for new tweets and replies.┬áLots more information on this update can be found after the break, so keep reading!

Some of the other changes in version 2.1 include limited use of the “new tweets” sound effect to mentions, direct messages, and new tweets after pulling to refresh, some extra gestures, a few bug fixes for direct messaging, improvements to the Tweetmarker service, and a matching version across platforms — the iPad app is version 2.1 and so is the iPhone’s.

If you’d like to go download Tweetbot 2.1 for iPad, it’s available now. The iPhone app, however, is still awaiting Apple’s approval, so keep checking for it in your updates pane.

Here’s the full list of changes in Tweetbot version 2.1:

- Retina Graphics for iPad 3rd generation
- Streaming (when on WiFI with settings to disable it)
- The “new tweets” sound is now limited to mentions, DM’s, and new tweets via pull-to-refresh
- Double-tapping on the timeline tab button takes you to last read tweet before going to the top
- Improvements to the Tweetmarker service
- Bug fixes related to direct messages
- Version number updated to 2.1 to match iPhone’s version
- Many other bug fixes

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