Square Off: Apple vs. Samsung

Every Tuesday, iFans picks two controversial brands, products, or other topics to debate about in the weekly “Square Off” column. This week, we’re pitting Apple against Samsung as their rivalry continues to heighten. Square Off Archives

Despite doing business together, the relationship between Apple and Samsung has increasingly dwindled over the past few years as a resulted of heightened competition and numerous patent infringement lawsuit cases.

The litigation between the two tech giants began last April, when Apple sued Samsung based on claims that the South Korea-based electronics conglomerate blatantly copied technologies used by the iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. In the almost full calender year that has passed since then, it has been a back-and-forth legal battle between Apple and Samsung.

From a broad perspective, however, which do you think is the more favorable company — Apple or Samsung, that is — in terms of their respective product lineups, pricing, legal actions, customer service and support, company beliefs and viewpoints, management, and so forth? Sound off in the comments and remember to remain respectful and open-minded.

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