Legal Loop: N.Y. Man Sues Apple Over “Misleading” Siri Ads

A New York man named Frank M. Fazio has filed a class action lawsuit against Apple, claiming that the iPhone maker’s TV ads for Siri convey a “misleading and deceptive message” about the voice assistant feature. Fazio, represented by law firm Robbins Geller, believes that the operating results and performance of Siri do not function as advertised…

The man also believes that Siri is a significant factor when choosing to purchase the iPhone 4S over other smartphones, but that the service’s lack of functionality makes the iPhone 4S “merely a more expensive iPhone 4.” In Apple’s defense, it does advertise Siri as a beta feature and also notes that its sequences are shortened in TV advertisements.

A few weeks ago, a seperate class action lawsuit against Apple involving iPhone 4 reception issues resulted in a $15 settlement or free iPhone bumper case for the affected users.

[WSJ via AppleInsider]

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