Tether Your PC to iPhone Without Jailbreaking

A few months back, a tethering app for iOS briefly slipped through the App Store’s cracks before being removed by Apple. The company behind the short-lived application has re-released the service in the form of a HTML5 webapp that can create a wireless ad-hoc network between an iPhone and PC—without the need to jailbreak.

Tether for iPhone costs $30 per year (a fair bit less than you would pay through Verizon or AT&T), and requires a Mac or Windows PC in order to run the client software. The team is also working to develop a solution that allows an iPad to utilize the connection, so stay tuned for updates. A free trial is available for those skeptical about the technology, but our tests show that it works as advertised, although the webpage must remain opened (and screen unlocked) in order for the connection to stay active.


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