White AT&T New iPad Shipping Dates Beginning to Increase

Late yesterday evening, Apple’s new TV box began to show shipping times of 1-2 weeks, as opposed to the former March 16th arrival date. Today, it seems that the new iPad’s shipping dates are finally beginning to budge, starting with the white AT&T model. As of right now, the 16 GB and 64 GB sizes of Apple’s white 4G LTE AT&T 3rd generation iPad will be shipping on March 19th. Strangely, the 32 GB model still seems to be in stock and is reporting a delivery date of Friday, March 16th…

I’m rather surprised that the AT&T models went first, since the WiFi models are $130 cheaper and usually sell out first. It’s probably because of the new 4G LTE integration; many customers have waited a long time for an Apple tablet with true 4G speeds. Sadly, AT&T doesn’t currently have coverage in many areas that Verizon does, which means that customers who want to use the tablet everywhere may be disappointed. But, one great thing about AT&T’s network is that their LTE is actually much faster than Verizon’s.

If you’re looking to buy a new iPad — any model, really — then it’d be in your best interest to head over to the store before they’re shipping within 3-4 weeks as they did last year. If you miss out, then there’s always the retail stores — though they are subject to large lines.

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