New Apple TV Shipping Times Already Move to 1-2 Weeks

As noted by MacRumors, Apple’s new little TV box that finally adds support for the big 1080p playback is now shipping in 1-2 weeks. If you didn’t already know, earlier today the device was scheduled to deliver by March 16th, which is also the release date of Apple’s new iPad. This doesn’t mean that you’ll definitely be waiting an extra week, though, since there are some occasions when the device ships earlier than Apple estimates.

Still, if you want one of these new full-HD streaming boxes, I’d recommend rushing over to the Apple store page to get it before the estimated shipping time rises to 3-4 weeks, because that is imminent. Even if you do manage to get one now, you’re not going to receive it until the five days or so have passed — well, unless you feel as if your little gadget deserves express shipping, which isn’t yet available on Apple’s recently-announced products.


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