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Rewind takes a look back at last week’s news, theme releases, community discussions, and more. You can thank Calhoun for this week’s banner. Nice work.

Top News Stories

WWDC 2010 dates announced

Why WWDC is more exciting than you think. If you are an average Apple enthusiast, WWDC has little to no appeal to you whatsoever. Who cares, right? After all, a ticket to this years conference (which runs from June 7th – 11th) would cost you more than a MacBook Pro. It’s true — each ticket runs at $1599 USD. Ouch. However, you should be excited about this year’s WWDC for one reason — the possibility of a new iPhone. We’ve seen a new iPhone unveiled at each of the previous three WWDC Keynotes and I don’t expect this year to be any different. After all, pictures of a new iPhone surfaced on Gizmodo about a week ago. Enough proof? I’d say so.

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Thoughts on Flash

Steve Jobs steps up and shares his thoughts on Adobe’s Flash. For the past three years, Apple has faced a lot of criticism regarding the inability to run Flash on the iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad — most recently, this criticism has come from Adobe itself. Mike Chambers, Adobe’s principal product manager for Flash developer relations, said that Apple “want to tie developers down to their platform, and restrict their options to make it difficult for developers to target other platforms.” In response, Steve Jobs posted an open letter on Apple’s website outlining six reasons as to why Flash is not supported on iPhone OS. Here is an exclusive summary of the six key points that Steve Jobs outlined in his letter:

  • Flash isn’t “open”
    Apple notes that Adobe’s Flash products are 100% proprietary meaning that they are only available from Adobe, and Adobe has sole authority as to their future enhancement, pricing, etc.
  • iPhone OS can access the “full web”
    Adobe states that devices running iPhone OS cannot access the “full web.” Apple disagrees. Apple states that almost all Flash video is also available in a more modern format, H.264, which is viewable on iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. In addition, Apple supports HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript. And don’t forget the shiny YouTube application. All in all, there’s plenty of viewable video without Flash.
  • Reliability, Security, Performance
    Symantec recently highlighted Flash for having one of the worst security records in 2009. Flash is the number one reason why Macs crash. Flash does not run well on mobile devices.
  • Battery life
    Flash requires that videos be encoded through software rather than hardware which drains the iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad battery almost 2x as quickly.
  • Touch
    Flash has many great features that require a mouse to function normally. These same features, such as rollover, do not work well with multi-touch. Most developers would need to rewrite their Flash websites to work with the iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Instead, Apple suggests switching to more modern technologies such as HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript.
  • “The most important reason”
    Apple isn’t too fond of having third party development tools.

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Spirit jailbreak delayed

On Friday 30th April 2010, @comex said:

Remember, the point of the spirit delay is to allow time to get SHSH blobs, especially on the 3G iPad. spirit will support:
- all models of iPhone and iPod touch, 3.1.2 and 3.1.3
- both models of iPad, 3.2
You don’t need a SHSH blob to jailbreak, but you do need it to restore or downgrade if something goes wrong or you accidentally upgrade. For 3.1.2 (required for blackra1n, etc.), Apple is no longer handing out blobs, but for 3.1.3 and 3.2, you can still get blobs– and should do so ASAP!

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User Spotlight:


Reason: For his dedication and helpfulness towards the Deutsch (German) section of Multi-Touch Fans.

MrDodi’s Contributions


User Interviews:

Want to be featured in next week’s User Interviews? Fill out the User Questionnaire (feel free to answer any of your own questions you think of). Or, if you have thought of any questions you would like to see others answer,  send them in a Private Message to Kiks52. Your username will go alongside the question when it is asked.

With Baggy Spandex

First Name: Alex
Age: 24
Gender: Male
Where do you live?: Seattle
When did you join the forums?: April ’07 [he meant '08 ;) ]
Why did you join the forums?: Themes from 1.1.2 inspired me.
How often do you visit the forums?: Daily-ish
Favorite App Store application?: Words With Friends/Cocktail Compass: Seattle
Do you own an iPod touch or iPhone?: iPhone 3G
Favorite Rewind column?: Recent Theme Rewind! ;)
Least favorite Rewind column?: Question of the Week
List 5 things that are near you: Fixie build, my kitty cat boo, skateboard, iPhone, girlfriend.
As you type this, what browser, operating system, and computer are you using?: Google Chrome, Leopard 10.5.8, Mac Pro (with new 24″ cinema display!)
What is your browser’s homepage?: Seattle Times
Favorite Song?: Fresh Prince [of Bel-Air] theme song
Favorite Movie?: Full Metal Jacket, Gleaming The Cube
Favorite Food?: BBQ with friends
Favorite Restaurant?: Dick’s Drive-In [a link for the unfamiliar]
Favorite Fast Food Chain?: Dick’s Drive-In
Favorite Sport?: Hockey, Boxing
Favorite Instrument?: MPC [very cool!]
Do you purchase songs from the iTunes Store?: Not very often
Summer Vacation or Winter Vacation?: vacation? I gotta pay rent so I work year round, those are few and far between, but I prefer summer summer summertime.
Dope Beats or Guitar Shredding Solo?: Beats.

With Chicken

First Name: Jamie
Age: 14
Gender: Male
When did you join the forums?: 02-17-2008
Why did you join the forums?: I was researching jailbreaking and came across it [the forums]
How often do you visit the forums?: Everyday
Favorite App Store application?: At the moment, Trism
Do you own an iPod touch or iPhone?: iPhone
Favorite Rewind column?: Themes
Least favorite Rewind column?: None
List 5 things that are near you: MacBook, Can of Pepsi, iPhone, Remote control and Tissues (DAMN HAYFEVER)
As you type this, what browser, operating system, and computer are you using?: Mac OS X 10.6.3 using Safari
What is your browser’s homepage?:
Favorite Song?: At the moment anything by Bo Burnham
Favorite Movie?: At the moment Up
Favorite Food?: Fish and Chips
Favorite Restaurant?: A place called ‘The beaches’
Favorite Fast Food Chain?: Subway
Favorite Sport?: Is the internet a sport? [let's pretend it is]
Favorite Instrument?: Guitar
Do you purchase songs from the iTunes Store?: Nope.
Summer Vacation or Winter Vacation?: Summer

Thread Spotlight:

The following users have written interesting, helpful, informative, or community minded threads that are deserving of this week’s Thread Spotlight:

Cydia on a Non-Jailbroken Device in Development
Posted by J-Phone
1 May 2010

Back Up Your SHSH’s!
Posted by Ryan
1 May 2010

Native (but primitive) SMS on iPad 3G
Posted by Ryan
2 May 2010

Review: Boqari Q1 Earbuds
Posted by rmc08
2 May 2010

Warranty Info – Who and What’s Covered
Posted by Kiks52
30 Apr 2010

Recent and Upcoming Theme Releases:

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Theme Name: Tinee
Type: Release
Designed by: Manic Nimrod

  • 45 icons so far
  • Extra icons are available
  • Dock, wall, info.plist, page indicators, and badge.
  • Template

Kiks52′s Opinion: Manic continues to blow me away. His work is comparable to TheAppleTree. Amazing!


  • “Sexy” says CarlosTheJackl
  • “Would make an un-jailbroken iPod user go “Holy Shit,” not just “Nice.” says Happyman7
  • “Yeah Manic!!! Awesome release. Looks great” says Baggy Spandex

Click here to visit this theme’s thread

Theme Name: iChos (costs $1.99)
Type: Release
Designed by: Pablojrz
: Finally after almost a year of work and 3 months of waiting for approval it is finally up (with some bugs still).
Kiks52′s Opinion
: Looks very nice however I would not spend $1.99 on any theme unless it was absolutely breathtaking.


  • “It’s very nice for your first theme. But not worth $1.99. says Appman

View the preview thread

Theme Name: Zune Music Player
Type: Work-in-Progress
Designed by: Rougelead
: The Zune player on the PC is just an outstanding program i find and of Corse i wanted to bring the environment to the iPod as closely as possible. There are mods out there that will make your iPhone like the Zune device.
Kiks52′s Opinion
: I like the simplicity of this theme as well as the color choices. Looks promising. I hope this isn’t a ripped theme.

Photo Booth:

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Posted by NayLoMo6C

Juke Box:

Each week, one song that Multi-Touch Fans users are listening to are put into the spotlight. What are you listening to now?


By: Sigur Rós

About the Song: The song was released as part of the album Takk on 28 November 2005. The lyrics are mainly in Icelandic, with some nonsensical phrases, a “language” the band calls Vonleska (“Hopelandic”). As with many of the band’s songs, it was given a nickname in the early stages of writing. “Hoppípolla” was “The Money Song”, as the band was certain they had written a song which would have commercial success. It is the band’s most successful single, charting at #24 on the UK Singles Chart in May 2006 due to the song’s increased popularity as the theme for the BBC’s Planet Earth. [Source:]

What other users are listening to this week…

  • RoYaLx is listening to Pursuit of Happiness by Kid Cudi
  • Flea is listening to My Lovely Man by Red Hot Chili Peppers
  • Theodosius is listening to Remember the Name by Fort Minor
  • SoBe is listening to Stronger by Kanye West
  • murphmanny is listening to Not Afraid by Eminem

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