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Publishing house extraordinaire Chillingo just dropped us an ad-hoc build of Games Faction’s first foray onto the iDevice, their flagship title Inkvaders.  In it you take on the role of a lone protagonist in an all out war to purge the invading martian menace.  A sidescrolling linear shoot-em-up is no new formula but it’s a tried and tested winner when it works, and  from our brief time spent with the game, Inkvaders indeed works!

Gorgeous hand drawn comic-like graphics, quirky 2D cut-out  characters, weapons-a-plenty and the resultant plethora of alien gibs all set the stage for an epic battle of intergalactic proportions.  Hit the jump to read more.

Whilst doodling away, half dazed from the boring lecture I was in, I thought I saw the image move. The Martians I was drawing were invading my notepad! I had to do something to stop them. Pen in hand, I drew a hero to fight them off. Bold, brave, no fear of death, the story unfolded before my eyes…

Your mission (should you accept it) is to step into the shoes of G the Generic Marine to stop the invading martian horde from extinguishing the human race.  The battle is fought over 3 distinct locations, beginning at your lunar base on the Moon, then back to your military base on earth before taking the invaders on in the city.  Each locations has 10 distinct levels, there’s three difficulty levels and an endurance mode to keep you well occupied.  Inkvaders is not dissimilar in style to Zombieville USA and Mummy’s Revenge but it’s a definite improvement on the formula.

Each level sees relentless hordes of martians either teleporting in or rushing at you from both sides.  You fend them off using your ever-strengthening arsenal of weapons and each alien death sends martian gibs flying all over the screen.   You receive cash for kills and will need to use your jetpack to hover and pluck static moon rocks and meteorites out of the sky to further increase your bank balance. Your cash is spent purchasing ammo, health, jetpack fuel or power-ups for any of your three weapon groups from the vending machines that populate each level.

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The loadout weapons arsenal consists of a single shot laser pistol and revolver, with a slot for a rocket launcher.  These weapons can be leveled up multiple times.  For example the single shot pistol levels up to a shotgun, then to an automatic rifle, to a machine gun and so on.  As you progress, the martian hordes naturally become stronger and more plentiful and you’ll need to choose whether to stock up on ammo at the vending machines or save your hard earned cash to level up your weapons.  Fortunately there’s also regular pickups of jetpack fuel, ammo and health to help out if you do make the wrong choice.  There’s also a ‘Rush’ pick up, which releases a horde of martians that come rushing at you from both sides and there’s a short frantic fight for survival. The ‘Rush’ is invaluable for collecting cash kills but certainly not for the faint-hearted or ill-equipped.

The version we tried supported in app music but didn’t offer any on-line scoring or open feint, though the developer has suggested these could be present in the final release version or a future update.   Inkvaders has already been submitted to the App Store and is expected to drop very soon.  It’s a nice little number so open your arms wide!

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