Legal Loop: Apple Warned About Violating ‘iTV’ Trademark

iTV Entertainment has sent a formal letter to Apple asking for the company to stop infringing upon the “iTV”-related trademark that it has owned since 2001, even though the iPhone maker does not currently offer any products by that name. Apple did originally preview its Apple TV set-top box as the “iTV” in September 2006, but changed the name prior to its release the following year…

Nonetheless, iTV Entertainment LLC chief executive Patrick Hughes is basing his claims off of “iTV” references that Apple has made in its patent filings in the United States. With several rumors suggesting that Apple might release a television set in the foreseeable future, Hughes is warning of legal and regulatory action if the Cupertino-based company does indeed release a product named “iTV.”

The almost humorous fact to this case is that Hughes does not own the actual “iTV” trademark, but rather one for “iTV Entertainment.” It looks like Hughes is attempting to sell his trademark rights during this golden opportunity to make some quick cash. We’ll see what happens.


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