Verizon Mystifies with ‘Something is Coming’ Teaser

Verizon Wireless has just posted a very minimalistic teaser page to their main webpage saying that “Something is Coming.” It’s almost obvious by now that this will be the LTE iPad 3 that the carrier will be proud to put on their landing page, though that won’t quite be official until tomorrow. Even though reports of 4G LTE technology arriving with the next-generation have been ubiquitous, there is still no solid proof that it will actually be happening since there hasn’t even been one leaked LTE radio…

One strange thing about this little hook is that the image accompanying it is named “766x385_HP_pre_NO_optin.jpg,” hinting that they may be planning to launch a new HP Pre device. However, this is quite unrealistic being as the Pre was recently discontinued along with the entire line of webOS devices since the mobile operating system went open source. I’m not saying that there’s no possibility Verizon could be launching an LTE webOS device, it’s just quite unlikely.

What do you think Verizon’s little mystery product is going to be? I say it’s the iPad, but maybe you think otherwise. In any case, let us know in the comments!

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