iPad 3 to be Released on Friday, March 16th with New Apple TV Following?

According to sources of 9to5Mac, Apple will be releasing the iPad 3/HD for purchase next Friday, March 16th, which means that they give developers a good nine days (which really isn’t that much, but it should suffice) to prepare for the Retina display — should it accompany the tablet. They cite their sources as being an “Apple Store source who has been reliable in the past.” March 16th is also the projected date of a grand opening for the Apple store at the world-famous Harrod’s department store in London and also in Houston, Texas, though these dates are merely rumors. More details after the break.

9to5Mac further notes that Apple will not be constructing a temporary store at the SXSW Interactive Festival in Austin, Texas this year. As you may remember, last year they had assembled a small makeshift store on March 11th at the event to sell their newly-announced iPad 2 and its accessories. This year, Apple apparently does not plan to attend the event, which will be taking place from March 9th-13th.

In addition, 9to5Mac’s source claims that Apple will be holding yet another launch event a week in the wake of the iPad 3 launch. They know not what this enigmatic item is, though it is suspected that it may be the rumored Apple TV refresh or iPad 3 international launch.


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