Report: Apple’s Next Tablet to be Called iPad HD, not iPad 3

Apple is set to introduce the next-generation iPad in under 48 hours, but don’t be too surprised if it isn’t called the “iPad 3,” a phrase that has been frequently used in rumors regarding the upcoming tablet. CNET has learned that the so-called “iPad 3″ will actually be called the “iPad HD,” a name that better reflects the high-resolution Retina Display that the third iPad is rumored to gain.

This new report directly corresponds with a previous rumor by Gizmodo, which also suggested that Apple might use the “iPad HD” moniker instead of the traditional numeric nomenclature for the iOS-powered tablet. Talks of an iPad with a Retina Display have been circulating for almost a year, with most speculation calling for a resolution of 2048-by-1536 pixels as confirmed by MacRumors.


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