Best iPad accessories??

The iPad’s been out in the States for a few weeks now… But our review section is looking kinda empty! We all know about the Apple iPad Case and how people have mixed reviews on it - But what else is out there?!

Show us, and we’ll cut you a deal: Any iPad accessory reviews submitted from now until May 8th will feature in Rewind #6 – And any outstanding ones will get their own place on the front page of Multi Touch Fans!

You can use videos, pictures and text – And we don’t mind if you’re reviewing cases, pouches, holsters, keyboard docks, camera connector kits - Just as long as they’re up in the accessory review section, that’s fine by us!

Plus you’d be helping me out personally! I’m looking to get one imported but I’ve had bad experiences with Apple devices and they always end up looking like I rubbed it on gravel – So if you have a case which you trust, why not tell me about it? :)

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