iMore Says iPad 3 Will Have LTE

iMore, the original source that claimed the iPad 3 would have a quad-core processor and be announced on March 7th, has now confirmed that the next-generation iOS tablet will include LTE capability. Rene Richie at the iPhone/iPad news blog asserts that the same sources who initially gave him information of the iPad 3′s launch date and specifications back in February has established this…

Before today, iMore had not been notified of whether the iPad 3 would be using AT&T and Verizon’s next-generation LTE technology to communicate with the network, though there had been many rumors that it would be coming to the iPhone 5. If Apple does indeed launch an iPad 3 with LTE, then it’s almost definite that the technology will be arriving on their next addition to the iPhone family later this year. (As for when, there were rumors of either the WWDC in June or possibly even another special event in October as they hosted last year.)

The same source that originally told iMore Apple would be holding their iPad 3 event on March 7 has now let us know that the announcement will in fact include 4G LTE networking. We’d heard previously that 4G LTE would be coming to iOS in 2012, but not whether it would make the cut for iPad 3, or whether Apple would save it for iPhone 5 in October.

Now, let me make a point that the LTE technology is currently far from perfect. Verizon has had it for nearly a year, though their network still experiences difficulty from time to time. AT&T, on the other hand, has just begun to add the technology to their network and it’s not in very many areas right now. It’s not that the technology is completely unstable, because it’s farther along than a beta, but rather that it will eat away at your battery ten times faster than traditional 3G ever did. Hopefully Apple has been able to fix this problem with much testing, though there’s always the case where they didn’t and the LTE iPad will have a battery certification of about 5-6 hours instead of the current 10 hours.

In the benefits of LTE, the technology could actually be very helpful because, once it’s covering enough of the world, Apple will be able to use the same exact radio in the device, no matter the carrier. This is great for those who travel since they won’t have to worry about having a CDMA or GSM device because this technology will unify everything around the world.

The WSJ also previously claimed that the iPad 3 would have LTE. Last year, they pinpointed the date for a Verizon iPhone launch.

But what do you think about all of this? Will Apple take the leap and bring LTE to their iPad before the iPhone or will they wait until later this year to unveil LTE models of both? I suppose we could just wait until the event on Wednesday, but why not tell us what you think in the comments to help pass the time.


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