Karotz Smart Rabbit: Very Useful, But Not Quite Perfect

When I first heard about the Karotz Smart Rabbit, I had to get my hands on one. Thankfully, a review unit was sent my way and I had the chance to rip open the box and check the device out. And after a few weeks of usage, I can truly attest to its usefulness, but it’s also just a fun toy to play with that is nowhere near perfect. The bunny still has quite the room for improvements to be made.

The Karotz Smart Rabbit, compatible with both Mac and PC, is a social networking gadget — and so much more — that allows for you to send and listen to tweets, play music, read Facebook messages, take pictures, get the weather forecast, read the news, and several other tasks.

The tabletop bunny has a speaker with adjustable volume levels, a mini- and full-size USB port for charging and plugging in removable media respectively, and a built-in webcam for taking pictures. There’s also a glowing LED light inside of it that changes depending on the status of the rabbit or a particular task it is performing. For instance, a flashing orange light indicates that a software update is in progress.

Unfortunately, one of the main downsides that I experienced with the Karotz Smart Rabbit was how shoddy the internal voice was. If you have ever heard the voice of Siri on the iPhone 4S, the Karotz Smart Rabbit’s voice doesn’t compare even minutely… 

The Smart Rabbit’s inner voice sounds mono and grainy, and it can often become confusing to understand exactly what it is saying. Also, the gadget has a rather difficult time staying connected to Wi-Fi, which I tested on two different networks, as I repeatedly had to wait for it to reconnect and reconfigure itself.

The Karotz Smart Rabbit has a variety of different apps available that work with the gadget, all of which can be downloaded from its official website. There are also a variety of third-party accessories available for the bunny, such as a USB tail for storing music and RFID tags called FlatNanoz. If you want to use the Karotz without the need for a power supply, then a rechargeable battery is also available for your on-the-go needs.

One interesting feature of the Smart Rabbit is its free Karotz Controller app that is available from the App Store for the iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. This app allows for you to control the bunny from virtually anywhere. Some of the options include changing the light of the LED color on the Karotz’s belly, activating the camera for picture taking, and sending messages for the bunny to read aloud.

Overall, the Karotz Smart Rabbit, $129.99, is a fun toy. A toy, however, is all it truly is. It’s just not practical enough for daily or professional use. Nevertheless, it’s definitely worth checking out and has a promising future based around a growing community.


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