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You’re reading the fourth edition of Rewind — an exclusive front page article that sums up the latest in iPhone/iPod touch news, themes, jailbreaking, and more in addition to what’s going on around the iPod touch Fans community. Leave a reply to this thread and it may be chosen as the Comment of the Week for next week’s article. This week’s banner was designed by Calhoun. Thanks!

Found Footage: Multitasking on iPhone

iPhone OS 4 beta 2 introduces a new, circular side-swapping animation when you switch between two apps using the new multitasking feature.

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iPhone 4G — it’s the real deal:

Spoiler alert! You’re looking at the new iPhone 4G. It was found lost in a bar in Redwood City, camouflaged behind a case designed to look like an iPhone 3GS. Gray Powell, an Apple engineer who was celebrating his 27th birthday, left the bar unaware that the new iPhone remained on the bar stool behind him. A man sitting next to Powell at the bar picked up the iPhone and waited for Gray to return–which he did not. Nothing significant happened until weeks later, when Gawker Media (the owners of Gizmodo) took it off of his hands for $5000 cash. And we all know what happened after that — Gizmodo revealed pictures of the new iPhone which quickly went viral across the web. This leak ranks second amongst the greatest Apple product leaks ever at 71 days before the new iPhone is to be unveiled. If history repeats itself, Steve Jobs will unveil the new iPhone at WWDC ’10, rumored to kickoff on June 28th, 2010. The iPhone 4G has many new features including an improved display, front facing video chat camera, and the use of Micro-SIM. The iPhone 4G features a new industrial looking design consisting of an entirely flat back surface with an aluminum border. The device is just 3 grams heavier.

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Android for iPhone:

Planetbeing, a member of the iPhone Dev Team, has posted the following video demonstrating his iPhone’s ability to dual-boot both Android and iPhone OS. Of course, dual-booting Android will require that your iPhone is jailbroken.

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Thread Spotlight:

The following users have written interesting, helpful, informative, or community minded threads that are deserving of this week’s Thread Spotlight:

How to install packages with MobileTerminal
Posted by Happyman7
18 April 2010

Save/”Hack” an iPhones SMS database to your computer automatically
Posted by Ryan
17 April 2010

How to Activate Zoom + Autofocus on Jailbroken iPhone 3G running OS4
Posted by MrDodi
21 April 2010

How to Multitask + Set SpringBoard Wallpaper on Jailbroken iPhone 3G (OS 4)
Posted by MrDodi
21 April 2010

Photo Booth:

So many great pictures this week! The following pictures have been taken out of the Photo Of The Day thread. Post your own pictures for a chance to appear in the next edition of Rewind.

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Posted by Alpacaman

Posted by NayLoMo6C

Posted by VE.

Posted by Meikura

What iPod touch Fans’ users are listening to this week:

Post what song you are listening to in the official What Are You Listening To? thread for a chance to appear in the next edition of Rewind.

GregoryFire is listening to…
Under Pressure

Magnum is listening to…

cbren is listening to…
Play My Song

Baker5 is listening to…
I Made It
Kevin Rudolph ft. Birdman, Jay Sean, and Lil Wayne

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maxxdout is listening to…
My Apocalypse

SoBe is listening to…
Keep Ya Head Up

Calhoun is listening to…
Right Where It Belongs
Nine Inch Nails

Question of the Week:

This week’s question is…

Do you like how the iPhone 4G looks?

The results of the poll (found on forum thread for this article) will be revealed in next week’s article of Rewind.

Last Week’s Poll Results:


Comment of the Week:

Last week’s Comment of the Week was posted by iPoTH4CK3R in a response to the Spring Cleaning column of last week’s Rewind:

I’m liking many of the changes here (new layout, these “Rewinds” etc.) but the only thing I’m real disappointed with is the name change. I personally think it is a bad move.

I understand that integrating iPad into the site would make “Multi-Touch” fans a more suitable name since all the devices do have multitouch, but I think it is ultimately unnecessary. Think about it, this site since its beginning has been known as “iPod Touch Fans” and yet it’s also covered iPhone OS, news, hardware etc. just as intensely as iPod Touches, so I believe it could still be known as iPTF and have just as good of a iPad community.

But really the main reason I think it is a bad move is because of (not sure how to put this?) “site hits?”. I mean think about it, what do the majority of people who own an Apple Multitouch device own? That’s right, the majority isn’t an iPhone or iPad, but iPod Touches. Therefore when most people are interested in their device, they will google something pertaining to the iPod Touch, which will usually display this great community within the top results. Now consider the name change, how many people will find this site if it known as “Multi-touch fans”? I personally do not think that the average iPod Touch (and even iPad and iPhone for that matter) users barely have a clue what multitouch is, and therefore would not typically make any search pertaining to “multi-touch” on a search engine.

Of course, as Kiks stated, we are not Bgizzle and we therefore cannot know why he has chosen to do this, but I’m sure there is reason behind it. Just my opinion on that.

On A Side Note:

You may have noticed that this week’s Recent and Upcoming Theme Releases column has been postponed. This is due to no theme releases or previews in the past week. In addition, certain columns of Rewind that were not particularly interesting have been removed. Feel free to share your thoughts on these changes. Thank you for reading. Live, Laugh, Love.

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