Apple’s iTunes App Store a 5.7 Billion Dollar Business

Earlier today, a new job creation page on Apple’s website surfaced that credits the iPhone maker with creating or supporting 514,000 jobs in the United States. Just over 300,000 of those jobs range from engineering to manufacturing to transportation, while an additional 210,000 jobs stem from the iOS app ecosystem. Apple also noted that it has 248,000 registered Apple developers in the United States, with more than $4 billion paid out to those individuals based on App Store sales.

Since it is known that Apple takes a 30 percent cut on the sale of App Store apps, with the remaining 70 percent collected by the developer, Apple indirectly revealed that the iTunes App Store is a business valued at over $5.7 billion dollars. This figure is quite astonishing considering that the App Store is not even four years old yet, officially launched by Apple in July 2008 as a platform for developers to create and distribute their third-party apps for iPhone and iPod touch. And with Apple set to launch the next-generation iPad next Wednesday, those sales numbers are only going to keep rising.

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