Report: iPad 3 to Have No Change in Pricing

9to5Mac reports today that the iPad 3 will not receive a significant change in price and will instead retain the same pricing as the iPad 2, citing an unnamed source as “Mr. X.” This contradicts a previous report by Sina Weibo that claimed the next-generation tablet would be increased in price by $70 to $80, depending on whether it was LTE or WiFi-only.

As you very well may know, it is not customary of Apple to raise the prices on their devices, but rather lower them since the products are already priced well above competitors that offer even better specifications. However, it is imperative to note that they did not reduce the price of their iPod touch until the third generation of the device, which leaves the possibility that they may actually be preparing to decrease the price on this upcoming iPad.

Additionally, 9to5Mac’s source has notified them that the rumored 8 GB, 16 GB, and 32 GB storage options on the upcoming tablet will not be happening. Just yesterday, the rumor mill DigiTimes had claimed that this would be so, though it seems that their track record may again be brought to a test. And now, you may wait until the official unveiling where all such rumors and claims are put to rest.

But hey, while you’re waiting for the event to come around, we’d like to know what you think Apple will do with the next iPad’s pricing. Leave your feedback in the comments!


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