Apple is Responsible for 514,000 Jobs in the United States

Over the past several months, there has been quite the controversy surrounding Apple and both its domestic and overseas workforce. Apple has been criticized for outsourcing its labor to foreign companies such as Foxconn in China, especially when factoring in the dangerous activity and reportedly poor working conditions at these manufacturing plants.

Apple responded by posting a list of its suppliers and vowing to issue monthly reports on supplier working conditions. Additionally, Apple chief executive Tim Cook stated that the Cupertino-based company cares deeply about every worker, and then gave ABC exclusive access inside its Foxconn manufacturing facility to show the public how its supply chain operates from the inside out for the very first time. Now, the company has addressed its job creation in the United States…

As reported by AllThingsD, Apple has added a job creation page to their website that credits the iPhone maker with creating or supporting 514,000 jobs in the United States. Just over 300,000 of those jobs range from engineering to manufacturing to transportation, while an additional 210,000 jobs stem from the iOS app ecosystem. Apple currently has full-time employees working for the company in each of the 50 states in the United States, including jobs in retail and customer support.

Apple also noted that it has 248,000 registered Apple developers in the United States, with $4 billion paid to these individuals from App Store sales. Other job fields created or supported by Apple include the development and manufacturing of components, materials, and equipment; professional, scientific, and technical services; consumer sales; transportation; business sales; and healthcare.

[Apple via AllThingsD]

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