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[IMG]From the off-road chaos of Reckless Racing to the wild cop chases in Reckless Getaway, Pixelbite returns with a sequel that’s just as reckless. Their trademark top-down perspective makes another appearance along with a face-lift for just about every aspect of the game. Reckless Racing 2 is mobile racing done right, as its unpredictable, addictive gameplay will have gamers jumping in behind the wheel again and again…


One of the biggest problems with Reckless Racing was the lack of content. The player was forced to choose between one of a few scruffy characters and simply race until every event was unlocked. Achieving actual depth without giving the user some set objectives is markedly difficult. Pixelbite noticed this and took a more clichéd approach to the setup in Reckless Racing 2 by putting Career Mode at the center of the action. In addition, they also added vehicle customization and upgrades, challenge events, progress reports, and achievements.

A typical career mode race.

Although the Career Mode in this game is rather generic, it’s a formula that has proven to be successful in dozens of other games; Reckless Racing 2 is no exception. There are various cups you can enter based on vehicle performance, each with an assortment of events. A noteworthy addition to the game is Dynamic Difficulty, which scales the performance of the AI based on the player’s efficiency. Also affected is the AI’s attitude, since they remember past encounters and will play dirty with you if you play dirty with them.

The actual racing retains its original thrill, since the view point ensures that you can never anticipate what’s around the next corner. There could be a steep cliff that send you flying into the abyss below or an unmarked detour that will drive you off course. This excitement is only amplified by the remote-control car feeling given by the controls. With arrows for direction and acceleration, Reckless Racing 2 will test the agility of any gamer with its narrow, erratic courses.

One of the game modes in Single Event is Hot Lap, where you try to beat lap times on certain tracks.

Customization is one of the biggest additions to the sequel. Once you buy one of 18 vehicles, there are dozens of engine and tire upgrades you can purchase in order to significantly boost performance. Also featured is visual remodeling, which allows the player to affix personal taste to the colors, decals, and even fenders among other things.

The selection of cars you can buy is extensive.Vehicles have also been redesigned.

Gameplay – ★★★★★


While the original was no slacker in the visuals department, Pixelbite has brought a myriad of enhancements to Reckless Racing 2. Almost anything you would expect from a high end title can be observed in the game, whether it’s beautiful lighting effects, billowing dust, or dynamic water. Even with all of this extra visual flair, the game runs buttery smooth on mid-range devices. You’ll also be pleased to find a destructible, physics-based environment. Most loose objects on the track or fences can be moved or destroyed on impact. Although it’s hard to directly compare the graphics with a game like Real Racing, relative to similarly styled games like Smash Cops, Reckless Racing 2 takes the cup hands down.

As you can see, there is a lot of detail in the environment. The textures are top-notch.

Graphics – ★★★★★


The soundtrack is both fast paced and pleasant, but also a bit repetitive. It’s seamlessly integrated into the main gameplay and gives the player very little to complain about. Top notch in game effects will immerse the user in each race. One can hear tires skidding through turns, sand clouds swelling in desert tracks, and the eager crowd cheering for their hero.

Audio – ★★★★½


Multiplayer is the last game mode included in this title. One is given the option of racing with up to 3 other people from around the globe in online matches. Unfortunately, there is little to no objective in this mode and it quickly becomes stale. Local multiplayer is missing entirely. On a positive note, there isn’t much to complain about since the gameplay time is already very high from the single player mode.

Replay – ★★★★


Even at a high price like $4.99, Reckless Racing 2 provides incredible value and gameplay quality. Very few mobile games are designed from the ground up to work well with touchscreens, and even fewer 3D ones. Reckless Racing 2 thrives on these displays and provides a fantastic experience that can be enjoyed by just about any audience. Even though it aims high, the core gameplay is still very casual and is adequately simple to serve as a great substitute for games like Doodle Jump.

Value – ★★★★★

Final Thoughts

Reckless Racing 2 provides the perfect brew of high speed action and engaging customization in a creative package that leaves its players begging for more. One can argue that the simple, one-dimensional approach that made its predecessor successful has disappeared, but why nitpick when the quality and depth of the gameplay has been enriched?

Overall Score

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