Flipboard Update Brings Cover Stories to iPad and More

Earlier today, Flipboard released an update for their iPad app bringing the social magazine reader to version 1.8. This new revision has multiple notable changes, the first of which being Cover Stories for the iPad version of the app. If you don’t remember, the developers introduced Cover Stories when they first released Flipboard 1.7 and brought the social magazine to the iPhone back in December. They had promised that the feature would be brought to the iPad “soon,” and it’s finally arrived…

In addition to this, Flipboard now has a third page of tiles, which means that you now have even more space to store your favorite streams of content from the Web. Other changes include beautiful new fullscreen images and typography to make reading even more pleasant, the option to choose the topics that interest you most when you first start using Flipboard, and a special custom edition of the Flipboard streams for users based in France.

VentureBeat notes that Flipboard’s representatives have told them that this new revision is “more personal and more beautiful” than it ever has been and that they wish to “make the social magazine pages resemble the beauty of print design that people love so much even more than before.”

Here’s the full list of changes in Flipboard version 1.8:

★ Cover Stories come to the iPad edition.
★ A third page of tiles for all your favorite content.
★ New full-screen images and typography make for even more beautiful layouts.
★ Pick topics of interest when first using Flipboard, instantly setting up your Flipboard with great stuff to read.
★ International Content Guides with hundreds of recommendations for readers in the UK and Ireland, Canada, Australia, France, Hong Kong and Taiwan. Tap on the red ribbon to choose your Content Guide Edition.

Go grab the update in the App Store now and let us know how you’re liking it in the comments!

Image via Johan Larsson

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