Rumor: iPad 3 Displays in Short Supply?

According to a report by rumor mill DigiTimes, Apple’s suppliers are running short on the iPad 3′s new Retina display, which means that your chances of obtaining one of these next-generation iOS devices right after launch are slim. Apple’s suppliers apparently may not be able to produce enough displays to build as many iPad 3s as would be in demand at the device’s launch. DigiTimes cites their sources as being “industry sources in the supply chain,” which is similar to their previous claims. Read on for more details.

Please be aware that DigiTimes does not have a very good track record at reporting rumors, but sometimes the information in their reports does come to pass — just not nearly as often as truly reliable sources. Whether or not this shortage is the truth is highly questionable because DigiTimes’ sources could be wrong, so don’t go off thinking that you won’t be able to get an iPad 3 just because this rumor mill says that there will be a shortage on the device’s display.

In the past, lack of components for Apple’s devices has been common and it is quite normal for shipping times to increase from just 24 hours to a matter of weeks almost immediately following the device’s launch — that is, providing it’s a popular product like the iPad or iPhone 4/4S. Last year’s iPad 2, for instance, was shipping within 4-5 weeks immediately after the tablet had been available. It took Apple four months to catch up to demand and be able to ship the iPad 2 within 24 hours; the same is expected with this year’s iOS tablet.

[DigiTimes via MacRumors]

Image via MacRumors

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