Apple Market Cap Nearly Half a Trillion Dollars Thanks to iPad 3

Today’s announcement-of-an-announcement pushed Apple’s stock to an all time high of $535.41 per share, and brought the company’s market cap to an astounding $499.20 billion—just shy of half a trillion dollars. Microsoft’s record high of $586 billion in 2000 has yet to be broken, but if the current trend continues, Apple will surely skyrocket past that sometime this year. Of course, just as MSFT fell from the summit of Olympus, AAPL could easily slip back down with one wrong move.

Based on the current rumblings, the iPad 3 will feature a Retina display, LTE, and a quad-core CPU. Apple’s press invites suggest that the company will be focusing on touch-based input, leading us to believe that the next-gen tablet will ditch the home button altogether.


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