Twitter’s Promoted Tweets Go Mobile

Twitter today announced the inevitable: Promoted Tweets will be making their way to the social network’s mobile apps for both Android and the iPhone. Luckily, you can go grab a third-party client like Tweetbot or Twittelator Neue to remove the ads from your entire Twitter experience — though who knows how long these clients will stay afloat since many users will be flocking to them to remove ads. Both of the aforementioned clients are much more powerful than Twitter’s anyway, so you may end up preferring them. Read on for more information about Twitter’s announcement.

— Promoted Trends and Promoted Tweets in search have been available on Twitter for iPhone, Twitter for Android and the mobile web ( for some time.
— Promoted Accounts and Promoted Tweets in the timeline have been available on mobile web for several months as well.

Promoted Tweets on Twitter were previously only displayed on the mobile websites of the network, though now they feel that it’s necessary to display them to all users of their mobile apps. Twitter explains that mobile app users will first see Promoted Accounts at the very top of their timeline (remember the “dickbar” from last year), followed by Promoted Tweets within it. Twitter wishes to ensure that the tweets you see in your Timeline are relevant to you.

These ads can easily be dismissed by swiping them using the recently re-introduced swipe gesture. And as for the Twitter for iPad app, it will not be receiving Promoted Tweets just yet, though it most likely will sometime in the future — or, whenever Twitter decides to actually update the app with a redesign like they did with everything else.

Read more about this new mobile advertisement experience by Twitter in their blog post.


Image via William Hook

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