AndroidLock XT: 9-Point Unlocking Method on iOS Devices

In terms of unlocking your device, iOS and Android both have their own methods. You must swipe your finger in iOS, while Android has a 9-point pattern drawing system. But, thanks to a Cydia tweak, you can now unlock your iOS device using the Android mechanism. AndroidLock XT brings the pattern-drawing unlock found on the Android platform to iOS, with a multitude of awesome features and options. In addition to the standard “Android” look, the design of virtually the entire tweak can be themed. Furthermore, the default theme has specific transparency settings for each part of the unlock mechanism…

The slider can be replaced with a “tap to unlock” method, or just have the unlock screen appear automatically. An “error if incorrect pattern” warning can be enabled or disabled, as well as a max number of attempts before it locks you out for a certain amount of time. Similar to the iOS passcode settings, the pattern can be required right away or after 1 minute, 5 minutes, 15 minutes, 1 hour, or 4 hours. Insecure mode allows other tweaks to bypass AndroidLock XT and unlock the device right away. There’s also a logging feature that keeps track of when the device was — or attempted to have been — unlocked. AndroidLock XT is a very feature-packed and customizable tweak available for $1.49 in Cydia from the ModMyi repository. The tweak supports all iOS devices, including the iPad.

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